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Members of the Department

Various scientific working groups are part of the Department of Experimental Neurology. These cover a wide range of neurological topics. Each of these workgroups is divided into several teams. Specialists from different departments support the work of the individual teams.

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Harald Prüß

Director Department of Experimental Neurology

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Research Group Leader

Dr. Philipp Boehm-Sturm

Group Leader Experimental_MRI

Prof. Dr. Jens Dreier

Group Leader Translation in Stroke Research

Prof. Dr. Matthias Endres

Director Department of Neurology/Group Leader Interdisciplinary Stroke Research

Prof. Dr. Christoph Harms

Group Leader Molecular Stroke Research

Prof. Dr. Martin Holtkamp

Group Leader Clinical and experimental epileptology

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel

Group Leader - Clinical Neurosciences

Prof. Dr. med. Josef Priller

Group Leader - Division of Experimental and Molecular Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jan Schwab

Group Leader Spinal Cord Injury

Lab Divison Manager

Dr. Dorette Freyer

Scientist/Lab Division Manager - Cellcultur

Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Mueller

Lab Division Manager - 7T Animal-MRT

Claudia Muselmann-Genschow

Lab Division Manager – Molecular Biology

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Przesdzing

Lab Division Manager - Histology

Quality Management

Dipl. Biochem. Claudia Kurreck

Leader Quality Management

Team Members

Yvonne Amoneit


Stefanie Balz


Sonja Blumenau


Claudia Dames


Doreen Ditzen


Paul Fischer


Marco Foddis


Magdalena Jochner, PhD

PostDoc - Mobil4Park Project

Samuel Knauss


Marcel Kopp


Jakob Kreye


Melanie Kroh


Janet Lips


Petra Loge


Larissa Mosch


Dipl.-Ing. Raik Paulat

Electronic- & Software-Engineering

Dr. med. Naqib Rahimi

Master Student

Aydah Sabah


Christina Salchow-Hömmen, PhD

PostDoc - Biomedical Engineering

Gabriela Seidel-Hart

Secretary of Prof. Prüß

Tanja Specowius


Dr. nat. Arend Vogt

PostDoc - Biochemistry and Optogenetics

Doctoral Candidates

Daniel Berchtold

PhD Student

Isabelle Bünger

Ph.D. Student

Max-Pelgrom De Haas

Medical doctoral candidate

Angela Marianne Eckert

Medical doctoral candidate

Marcel Heinrich

Medical doctoral candidate

Rick Hellmann

PhD Student

Katharina Kersting

Medical doctoral candidate

Melanie Kuffner

PhD Student

Luis Kuschel

med. Doc

Dr. med. Ying Li

Medical doctoral candidate

Tom Lübstorf

PhD Student

Smilla Maierhof

Medical doctoral candidate

Dr. med. Jan Martin

Medical doctoral candidate

Kasim Mihmmud

Medical doctoral candidate

Laura Monni

PhD Student

Alexandra Ott

Medical doctoral candidate

Ludovica Rigat

Ph.D. student

Leonarda Serdani

PhD. Student

Eduart Temaj

Medical doctoral candidate

Student assistant/Bachelor/Master


Angela Marianne Eckert

Medical doctoral candidate

Katharina Kersting

Medical doctoral candidate

Alexandra Ott

Medical doctoral candidate