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Translational Neuromodulation Group

Welcome! We are part of the Department of Neurology with Experimental Neurology at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


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Wengerlab | Translational Neuromodulation

We are interested in understanding the neural control of movement and how distortions in network communication explain motor impairment in neurological disorders. To study the underlying mechanisms, we are combining interdisciplinary methods from molecular biology, optogenetics, electrophysiology, kinematic analysis, closed-loop neuromodulation and brain-computer-interfacing. In particular, our research focuses on the development of neuroprosthetic technologies for the restoration of movement in Parkinson’s disease and stroke. We are working both in animal models and humans with the translational aim to innovate future treatments for neurological disorders.

Group Photo

Team members

Christina Salchow-Hömmen, PhD

PostDoc - Biomedical Engineering

Dr. nat. Arend Vogt

PostDoc - Biochemistry and Optogenetics

Dipl.-Ing. Raik Paulat

Electronic- & Software-Engineering

Ruben Behrsing

Student Assistant

Zoe Etain Braun

Student Assistant

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.
B.Sc. Remmora Gomaid

Student Assistant

Former lab members

M.Sc. Naqib Rahimi,

M.Sc. Jonas Meyer-Ohle

Magdalena Jochner, PhD


Clinical trials
- Neuromodulation in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Experimental models:
- Parkinson models (6-OhDa)
- Stroke models (MCAo, Photothrombosis)

Experimental methods:
- kinematic analysis (DeepLabCut, Vicon)
- electrophysiology (neural recordings, EMG)
- molecular biology, optogenetics
- stereotactic surgeries
- closed-loop neuromodulation
- brain computer interfacing


BMBF Project STARS Kick Off

Investigation of transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of spasticity and gait impairment in multiple sclerosis, February 2021

(image credit to Dr. Thomas Schauer, TU Berlin)

Transregional Collaborative Research Center for Neuromodulation:

Our group is now a part of SFB/Transregio funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), with aims to contribute to the development of innovative treatment strategies for people with currently untreatable movement disorders, May 2020

Hertie Network of Excellence in Clinical Neuroscience:

We became part of the Hertie Network of Excellence in Clinical Neuroscience, which makes us one of 6 well-established locations in Germany carrying out innovative clinical research with a strong emphasis on collaborations, November 2019

BMBF Project Mobil4Park KickOff:

Development of smart mobility assistant in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Press release, January 2019

Award ceremony:

Dr. Nikolaus Wenger is awarded Freigeist Fellowship from Volkswagenstiftung
Germany press release, September 2018

Dr. Nikolaus Wenger receives GSK Research Award for the development of spatiotemporal neuromodulation strategies for the treatment of neuromotor impairment
press release, July 2017


Configuration of electrical spinal cord stimulation through real-time processing of gait kinematics

Nature protocols 13 (9), 2031 (2018)

Capogrosso M, Wagner FB, Gandar J, Moraud EM, Wenger N, Milekovic T, Shkorbatova P, Pavlova N, Musienko P, Bezard E, Bloch J, Courtine G.

Advantages of soft subdural implants for the delivery of electrochemical neuromodulation therapies to the spinal cord

Journal of neural engineering 15 (2), 026024 (2018)

Capogrosso M, Gandar J, Greiner N, Moraud EM, Wenger N, Shkorbatova P, Musienko P, Minev I, Lacour S, Courtine G

Mechanisms Underlying the Neuromodulation of Spinal Circuits for Correcting Gait and Balance Decits after Spinal Cord Injury

Neuron 89 (4), 814-828 (2016)

Moraud EM, Capogrosso M, Formento E, Wenger N, DiGiovanna J, Courtine G, Micera S

Spatiotemporal neuromodulation therapies engaging muscle synergies improve motor control after spinal cord injury

Nature medicine 22 (2), 138 (2016)

Wenger N, Moraud EM, Gandar J, Musienko P, Capogrosso M, Baud L, Le Go CG, Barraud Q, Pavlova N, Dominici N, Minev IR, Asboth L, Hirsch A, Duis S, Kreider J, Mortera A, Haverbeck O, Kraus S, Schmitz F, DiGiovanna J, van den Brand R, Bloch J, Detemple P, Lacour SP, Bézard E, Micera S, Courtine G

Electronic dura mater for long-term multimodal neural interfaces

Science 347 (6218), 159-163 (2015)

Minev IR, Musienko P, Hirsch A, Barraud Q, Wenger N, Moraud EM, Gandar J, Capogrosso M, Milekovic T, Asboth L, Torres RF, Vachicouras N, Liu Q, Pavlova N, Duis S, Larmagnac A, Vörös J, Micera S, Suo Z, Courtine G, Lacour SP

Closed-loop neuromodulation of spinal sensorimotor circuits controls rened locomotion after complete spinal cord injury

Science translational medicine 6 (255), 255ra133-255ra133 (2014)

Wenger N, Moraud EM, Raspopovic S, Bonizzato M, DiGiovanna J, Musienko P, Morari M, Micera S, Courtine G

Corticospinal neuroprostheses to restore locomotion after spinal cord injury

Neuroscience research 78, 21-29 (2014)

Borton D, Bonizzato M, Beauparlant J, DiGiovanna J, Moraud EM, Wenger N, Musienko P, Minev IR, Lacour SP, Millán Jdel R, Micera S, Courtine G

A computational model for epidural electrical stimulation of spinal sensorimotor circuits

Journal of Neuroscience 33 (49), 19326-19340 (2013)

Capogrosso M, Wenger N, Raspopovic S, Musienko P, Beauparlant J, Bassi Luciani L, Courtine G, Micera S

DLK1(PREF1) is a negative regulator of adipogenesis in CD105+/CD90+/CD34+/CD31-/FABP4- adipose-derived stromal cells from subcutaneous abdominal fat pats of adult women

Stem Cell Research 9 (1), 35-48 (2012)

Mitterberger MC, Lechner S, Mattesich M, Kaiser A, Probst D, Wenger N, Pierer G, Zwerschke W

How to find us


AG Wenger
Dept. of Neurology with experimental Neurology
Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin

E-Mail: nikolaus.wenger(at)

Internal Campus Adress

Clinicial Studies
Hufelandenweg 14, AG Kühn, Floor 4
NWFZ, Neurowissenschaftliches Forschungszentrum

Experimental Neurophysiology
Virchowweg 6, Neurocure, Floor 1
CCO, Charité Cross Over Research Building