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    Campus Charité MitteCharitéplatz 1 (local address: Bonhoefferweg 3)
    10117 Berlin

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Contract Research

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Contract Research

The cycle of translational research cannot be completed successfully without the participation of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical technology companies. Through contract research, counseling, and joint basic research as well as clinical projects we are therefore maintaining a strong interaction with the biomedical industry We offer access to a range of models of CNS damage, neuroprotection, neurorepair, neuroinflammation, and cerebrovascular regulation, along with high levels of confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements with the customer. We work either as an extension of the clients own discovery process or as an independent validation body for possible candidate compounds.

Previous and current customers include Asta, Aventis, Bausch and Lomb (USA), Bayer Schering AG, Janssen, Johnson and Johnson (USA), Astra - Zeneca, Mitsubishi Tanabe, among others.


Our services for biopharmaceutical companies include:

  • in vivo models of stroke, spinal cord injury, migraine/headache, bacterial Inflammation
  • in vitro models of oxygen-glucose deprivation, neurotoxins, excitotoxicity, retinal Degeneration 
  • behavioral testing
  • in vivo brain imaging (optical, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance)

We also train scientists or technicians in the above technologies and offer expert counseling.