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Small Animal MRI

The 7T Exp MRI lab division provides two ultra-high field small animal MRI scanner (Bruker Corp.) for preclinical research and the corresponding equipment as several MRI resonators, dedicated animal beds, anesthesia units and monitoring systems.

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Lab Devision Manager

Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Mueller

Lab Division Manager - 7T Animal-MRT

7T Experimental MRIs

Next to the common 1H magnetic resonance imaging we can also perform 19F MRI and we further provide two cryogenically cooled probeheads (1H and 19F) for very sensitive imaging (high resolution imaging, 1H-localized spectroscopy, DTI).

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We can give you Support for

  • advice for MRI – study design, selection of appropriate device and sequences
  • use of standard sequences with marginal modifications
  • carrying out measurements
  • performing measurements under guidance
  • training for independent MRI operation
  • advice on appropriate image analysis strategies
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