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In vivo Lab

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Depatment of "in vivo laboratory"

The in vivo laboratory provides expertise in the design, implementation, and analysis of behavioral experiments.

Our goal is to provide facilities and assistance to experimental researchers at the Clinic of Neurology of the Charité as well as outside researchers. In the in vivo laboratories, animal experiments are carried out with the help of qualified personnel and using established methods / models. To ensure high-quality studies, the infrastructure is made available to experimentally active scientists.

Lab Devision Manager

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Tests and procedures available:

In vivo models of cerebral ischemia:

  • Thread (filament) Model of focal cerebral ischemia in mice
  • Distal MCAO model in the mice
  • Thrombosis MCAO model in mouse and rat

Inflammation models in vivo:

  • Pneumococcal meningitis in mouse and rat

Other procedures:

  • Preparation of isolated cerebral arteries in rats
  • Preparation of cranial windows in mouse and rat
  • Methods of functional brain stimulation

Behavioral tests in mice and rats:

General Behavior:

  • Behavior in the home cage, Irwin test, food and water intake, circadian activity

Neuro-muscular function:

  • Rota Rod, traction test, pole climbing / beam walking
  • Sticky pad removal, skilled reaching
  • forelimb asymmetry

Habituation / Learning / Memory:

  • Holeboard, passive / active avoidance, Morris Water Maze, Y-Maze, Novel Object Recognition

Anxiety-related behavior:

  • Elevated Plus Maze, Open Field

Depression-related behavior:

  • Chronic "mild" stress, forced swim test, tail suspension test