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Quality Management

Recent advances in biomedical research provide innumerable opportunities to develop novel preventive and therapeutic strategies. However, only a small fraction of biomedical discoveries are successfully translated into clinical applications. Potential 'breakthrough' therapies, which are spectacularly successful in animal models of disease, often fail in clinical trials. This translational bottleneck imposes burdens on research and healthcare systems, as well as patients who participate in trials of novel strategies. 

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High quality research

The Experimental Neurology aims to offer a research environment which facilitates high quality research. This includes digital infrastructure like an electronic lab notebook for all work groups as well as the concept of lab divisions run by experts in their field offering a broad range of methods and support for members of the Experimental Neurology, as well as for collaborators. Here we provide an overview on our models and methods, the lab divisions.

We are also available for contract research Projects.